Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sickness and Health

Did I read somewhere recently - or maybe I saw it on Oprah or similar - that you shouldn't marry someone until they have looked after you while you have gastro. Yuck but true. It's important in a partner that they love you enough to look after you while you are all gross. This weekend, as I lay sick in bed, my husband looked after me and our two little kids and cleaned the whole house ready for the carpet cleaners coming tomorrow morning. Amazing.

You may say; well, of course, wouldn't every husband/wife? Apparently not. My mother has often complained that my dad wouldn't even cut her toenails for her when she was nine months pregnant with twins and couldn't even see her own toes, let alone reach them with scissors. (They are divorced now, by the way.)

So lesson for the day, don't marry someone until you know that they really will be there in sickness as well as health, in adversity as well as happy times.

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