Monday, November 9, 2009

Pasta sauce

I have often thought it a shame that there are only two base pasta sauces (that I like, at least), tomatoey ones: lasagne or bolognaise or with chilli and olives for example, and creamy ones: well, anything where you add a big pour of cream. I find an olive oil or butter based sauce a bit bland no matter what bits you toss in. But today, reading through a pasta recipe book from the library, a whole new world opened.

What you do is, you cook your roast or steak or venison-stuffed partridge if you are that way inclined, and then you use the meat juices to roll your cooked pasta in. How excellent is that! I usually avoid wasting delicious meat juices (and fats) by cooking some zucchini or spinach or something in the pan, but I never thought of using pasta to sop up the flavour.

Of course on the down side you now have two meals to deal with at once. The book suggested using the pasta as a entree and the meat in the main course, but that sounds like a recipe for massive overeating to me. Good if you have visitors I suppose - except then the entree and main would taste the same ... oh I'm hard to please I know. Just have to be strong, I guess, have small portions with lots left over for lunches the next day.

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