Sunday, November 1, 2009

Don't Shop When You Are Hungry

Today I learned - or rather I was reminded - that you shouldn't shop when hungry! I found myself doing the grocery shopping just before lunchtime after a busy morning with no morning tea. I filled the trolley with lovely fresh fruit and vegetables. Still hungry. Chucked in a packet of scrumptious-looking apricot delight. Hmm, still hungry. Added a packet of Corn Chips to the pile. That's odd ... I'm still ravenous! Better grab a packet of Tim Tams as well. Why isn't this working? No matter how much lovely food I put in my trolley, I am still starving. Went through the checkout and there is a bread shop. Oh the delicious smells. Time to buy a cheese roll. And shovel in handfuls of grapes and a couple of Tim Tams on the way to the car. Finally I get home, right on lunch time, with plenty of healthy left-overs in the fridge. Funny, I'm not hungry any more ...

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  1. I just noticed this comes up as Sunday's post. It's Monday evening in Australia! I wonder if there is a way to Australianise this blog.