Monday, November 16, 2009

Holding back the tide of fat

When I was going to the gym, I often felt it wasn't worth it. I dragged myself there three times a week or whatever, get the toddler into the creche and leave him crying and trying to hold on to me, get changed into gym gear, exercise, shower, change back into normal clothes, pick up toddler, go home. A huge chunk of my day and for what?

I wasn't losing any weight, although that was my goal. Waste of time. And then this year I was really busy and wasn't often making time to go to the gym. So I cancelled my membership.

And put on 8 kilograms (more than 16 pounds) in nine months. And feel completely unhealthy and rotten and tired all the time.

So, even if you think that bit of exercise isn't doing anything, it is. It is stopping you getting worse, if nothing else! I am going to rejoin the gym and lose this extra 8 kg and then some more. My short term goal is 5 kg by Christmas. 5 kg in 5 weeks is a big ask but I can do it. I believe in me!

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