Friday, October 30, 2009

Learning about weeds

Is it even possible to learn something on a Friday? Or is the brain too exhausted by then? Day two ... I can't be struggling yet. Lets see, I learned that the prickly weeds I have in my herb garden don't care if you are wearing gloves, they just scratch their poison into your bare arms, leaving red spots and welts. One downside to gardening on a gorgeous spring day is the fact you are not as covered up against thorns, insects and sunshine. These particular weeds, I don't know their name (common OR botanic), have a very shallow root system. They don't need to anchor themselves particularly firmly in the ground when nothing can brave the poisonous spines to yank them out. Other weeds I faced, dandeliony things (probably actual dandelions, but I wouldn't like to gamble on it), have no protection and the stems and leaves break off extremely easily - leaving the entire root system still in the ground to grow again. A bit annoying really.

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