Thursday, October 29, 2009

The day I learned something

I was chatting to a musician the day before emceeing an event she was to provide the music for. I had never emceed before (I only agreed to it after a glass of champagne) and I was rather nervous. I asked her if she would be selling her independant CDs at the function, and what it was called so I could advertise when I introduced her.
'Oh, it's eponymous,' she breezed.
Epony-mous, I started to write.
A nearby friend tactfully pointed out that the musician actually meant the CD was self-titled, not that it was called 'Eponymous'.
Really? I always thought eponymous meant something like 'most important'. Definitive perhaps. But apparently it is a person after whom a literary etc work is named, or a work named after its central character. So there you go. I learned something. And I wondered, do I really learn something every day? So I started this Blog, to find out.

Well, that was a few days ago. Did I learn anything today? Maybe I learned that I really shouldn't keep Cadbury's Mint Bubbles chocolate in the house. Or maybe I knew that already.

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