Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So where are all the life lessons?

Ok, so clearly I am not learning something everyday and it is really cramping my blogging style. I am going to relax on the theme a bit and just write about anything I feel like. Some days I do 'learn something' and think 'oh I should blog about that' but I forget by the time I am near a computer.

So. Um. Well, I have been working at my new editing telecommute job for a month now. I'm enjoying it but struggle to find the time. The pay is really low but luckily it is ultra-flexible, I just pick up jobs when my kids are at school/childcare. And it's good experience for my CV for when I want to move on.

I had a really bad haircut last Friday. I felt that it made me look so ugly. I cried a few times about it. One thing that has allowed me to cope with gradually getting fatter is that I felt my face still looked ok. A normal mirror (not full-length) was not my enemy. With the new haircut I lost that, and just felt/feel fat and ugly all over. So, I guess I have to lose weight. And let my hair grow out of course.

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