Friday, January 8, 2010

Time Flies

I've been away at the beach for the past week which was great. Nevertheless, I have been diligent about practising my guitar - I took it with me and practised every day except one. That is every day (except one) since Christmas when I got it! Not bad eh?

This afternoon, when my husband took the kids to the playground, I decided to do my daily session early (I usually do it when the kids are in the bath) and when my fingers were getting a bit sore I looked up to find I had been practising nearly an hour. I was amazed, I thought half an hour was my limit. My fingertips aren't nearly as sore now as they were in the first few days after only 5 minutes. I wasn't fingering (if you will excuse the word) every moment of that almost-hour, I am learning some new songs and wasn't sure how they were supposed to sound so I was listening to the DVD that came with my lesson book and then playing. I find it much much easier to play when I know how it is supposed to sound.

I have done the first six lessons now, in 2 weeks, covering E through to top G (10 notes). I still can't play along with the DVD, except the first couple of easy lessons, it goes too fast and if I make a mistake I get lost. But I am getting there.

So, what I learned today is that time doesn't just fly when you are having fun (although I suppose I was, in a way) but also when you are deeply immersed in work. And that I can do more than I thought.

Sorry if this post is a bit dull, it is what was on my mind. And I thought I had better write something every once in a while!

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